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Hosting Your Conference in Pretoria

When it comes to planning a conference, the venue can make or break your event. The venue itself has a huge impact on all other details. These include the tone of your conference and your total expenditure! When planning your Pretoria conferences, take your time to choose the perfect venue. Help ensure your event’s success using our tips.

Cost of Your Pretoria Conference Venue


For Pretoria conference venues, location is important.

Always keep your budget in mind when planning your event. When you think you have found the perfect space, it’s always worth asking if they can give you a lower price. You could also make this request in exchange for a multi-year contract. This will benefit both you and the conference venue in Pretoria. You will have a regular space that you can become familiar with and the venue has a regular client.

It is also helpful to find out whether different days of the week have different booking costs. If this is the case, it is helpful to be flexible with the date of your Pretoria Conferences.
Don’t be afraid to negotiate with your Pretoria conference venue. After all, if you never ask for discounts, you’re never likely to receive one!

When choosing a Conference Venue in Pretoria, look to Sierra Hotels for the best prices. Check out our well-maintained Pretoria Conference Venue.

Location for Your Conference in Pretoria

Pretoria Catering

High attendance is the dream of every conference planner.

Having a great turnout for your conference is every event planner’s goal. Make sure that you have a high attendance by choosing a location that is convenient. When hosting your Pretoria conferences, be sure to ask the venue about amenity access. These include public transport, airports, shuttle services and others. Also be sure to find out if you conference venue in Pretoria has parking available for all attendees.

There might be attractions or restaurants open before and after your Pretoria conference. This provides attendees with extra networking and entertainment opportunities. As a result, you can increase your event’s turnout greatly.

Sierra Hotels is conveniently located. They offer effective coverage of South Africa’s major cultural and business centres. As such, we are your best choice when searching for the perfect conference venue in Pretoria.

Capacity of Your Pretoria Conference Venue

It’s crucial that you make sure that your venue will comfortable seat all your attendees. It must also have plenty of space to relax during the breaks of your conference in Pretoria.
Consider the types of sessions your Pretoria Conferences will be hosting. For example, ensure your venue has ample desk space if attendees need to take notes or use their laptops.
Make sure that your conference venue in Pretoria is not too big for the number of attendees. A space that accommodates far more people than you have invited will make it look as if no one has bothered to turn up!

Ensure attendees have comfortable seating in all sessions, as well as space to relax during breaks. Don’t choose a venue with theatre-style seating when delegates need to take notes or use laptops. Similarly, a conference room that’s too big will make it look like half the attendees failed to show up.

Sierra Hotels has conference venues to fit conferences of most sizes. From large venues to intimate boardrooms, Sierra Hotels should be your first choice to host your conference in Pretoria.

What Amenities Do You Need from Your Pretoria Conference Venue?

Make a list of requirements for your conference in Pretoria. Do you need your venue to have access to A/V equipment or microphones? Do you need wheelchair access? Be sure to check with your venue that they check all your boxes.

Sierra Hotels can help you with your Pretoria conference venue needs.

Be sure to check out Sierra Hotels website to book for your conference in Pretoria now!

Want to make a booking? Contact us for any enquiries you have!

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