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Conference Venues and Event Venues Meeting Your Needs

Sierra is very capable when it comes to offering some of the best hotel services in Johannesburg. Aside from this, our conference venue and event venue capabilities are highly competitive. Any one of the conference venues and event venues we provide are well appointed. This applies for our event and conference centres in Johannesburg as well as our event and conference centres in Pretoria.

We maintain several of these venues, and each of them suit events of difference sizes. This includes large conference venues and event venues to smaller, more personal boardrooms. In this regard, Sierra Hotels can provide for most needs and specifications set out by the client.

Conference Venue and Event Venue Locations

Pretoria Conference Venue

Sierra Hotels maintains elegant conference venues in Pretoria

We have well-appointed venues available in both Johannesburg and Pretoria. These central locations allow Sierra to have effective coverage of our major centers. We are also able to provide central conference centres in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Thus, for conference centres in Pretoria or Johannesburg, go to Sierra Hotels. Below are the facilities offered at our two locations:

Event and Conference Centres in Pretoria

Randburg Hotel

Find quality conference facilities at our Randburg location

Our Burgers Park branch in Pretoria is home to one of our finest facilities available in the city. There are many conference venues and event venues available here, depending on need. These range from large venues to smaller, more personal boardrooms. What’s more, they have some of the latest, cutting-edge conferencing tech available in Pretoria.

Monitors are available for video presentations in each conference venue and event venue. Additionally, we provide flipcharts, pens, TV, and DVD systems if needed. There is also a P/A system that comes with a roving and fixed microphone, with enough receivers for 30 delegates.

Our conference centres in Pretoria are full-service. We provide mints, water, and snacks during planned breaks alongside notepads and pens. Catering is also available on request, with catering staff dedicated towards excellent cuisine. The catering team can provide for our conference centres in Pretoria as needed.

Event and Conference Centres in Johannesburg

Those looking for conference venues in Johannesburg need not look further. The same applies for event venues in Johannesburg. Our Sierra Square and Sierra on Main facilities are centrally located in Randburg. Thanks to this locale, they are able to accommodate most of Johannesburg.

Much like Burgers Park, we have an event venue in Johannesburg to suit most need at our Randburg branches. We have 11 primary rooms to choose from here. Need a large conference venue in Johannesburg? Consider the Condor and Magnolia rooms. Or, if you need something more personal, our individual board rooms can accommodate 12.

Our conference venues and event venues are also supported by a full-service team. Reservationists, coordinators, and caterers are there to ensure your event’s success. They will ensure this happens smoothly and efficiently. Outside of business functions, they also cater for banquets, cocktail parties, and more.

Want to make a booking? Contact us for any enquiries you have!

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