Sierra on Main, as well as being a preferred 3-star hotel in Randburg, also provide a range of conference centres in Johannesburg for any and all business functions, for use as a wedding reception venue, and for any other events. We are versatile in the provision of different venues appropriate for most event sizes. From 12-man board rooms to being able to accommodate and cater for up to 400 delegates in our stylish and modern conference centre, the Condor Venue, there is no size too big or too small for us to handle.

Additionally, we retain a staff of dedicated and flexible co-ordinators, reservationists, and catering staff, all of whom understand the dynamics and crucial elements of successful business functions, social events, and more. From the planning stages all the way to the event’s conclusion, they will ensure that they are carried through without a hitch.

For any needs that demand conference centres in Johannesburg, we offer 11 separate, venue options so as to meet the different needs of our clients and guests:

  • The Condor Venue. This premier venue offers premium space, and can accommodate a maximum of 400 individuals in a cinema layout for business functions, 200 for any banquet functions, and 60 for events that require desking and seating in a U-shape layout.
  • At our conference center, the Magnolia Venue is slightly smaller, yet still spacious enough to offer seating for 300 in cinema layout, 150 for banquets, and 200 in a Ushaped layout.
  • Our Penguin, Jasmine, Strelitzia, and Kingfisher venues sit in the mid-range in terms of capacity, though each are as well-equipped as the last. Able to provide for a maximum of 50 guests each, these conference centres in Johannesburg are perfect for accommodating medium sized events.
  • At the other end of the spectrum, our Lilly, Azalea, and Albatross venues are well suited to smaller events. Able to provide for a maximum of 25-30 guests, they are well suited to smaller, more personal events.
  • Finally, our individual boardrooms provide the perfect space needed for a maximum of 12 people, with a considerable number of them available.

As seen above, our conference centre options provide for all but the very largest of events. And as mentioned, the staff available to them are dedicated towards meeting our clients needs and specifications with wholehearted enthusiasm. A table of all the venues we are able to provide can be seen below.

For further queries regarding our conference centers in Johannesburg, feel free to make a booking on the right or contact us.



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